Life Before KN

Growing up, we had two things in our blood:  the North End and the restaurant business. Our parents are first generation italian.  Food is an integral part of their culture.  Years ago, they opened a restaurant that still operates just feet from La Galleria 33.  My sister and I both waited tables there until we decided to venture into the restaurant business on our own.  Together, we opened the doors to La Galleria 33, and for the last seven years, we’ve been blessed to have this business.  We believe in our food and love our customers.  That will never change.


Running a restaurant in the North End is a challenge.  You’re competing against chefs of the same genre, with one passed down recipe greater than the next.  And the bar has been set high.  To thrive, you have to be different, stand out, and be willing to take risks.  With a menu similar to that of our parents’ restaurant, and the others in the area, we struggled a bit…like a lot of people in this economy have. We were really proud of the restaurant that we had built, and we were even prouder of the food that we were delivering to our customers. We had a 21 rating from Zagat’s, a 3.5 star rating on Yelp, and a 94% rating on Urbanspoon. But even so the restaurant wasn’t thriving the way we’d imagined and worse, our passion and excitement for coming into work every day had begun to flag. When the opportunity to go on Kitchen Nightmares arose, we knew it would be just what we needed to get excited again, hold ourselves up to the mirror to figure out where we had let ourselves and our business down, and most importantly take our business to a whole other level.


The process was tough, to say the least, but we put our trust in Chef Gordon Ramsay and let his crew take us on what would be a very emotional, yet invigorating journey.  One that ends here – with a new passion for our business, a bigger promise to our customers, and a greater bond between sisters.